About Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are fully concentrated alternatives to traditional colognes and perfumes, and are intended to smell as close to the referenced scent(s)* as possible. These fragrance oils are also:

  • Skin –safe ✔️  

  • 100% pure and uncut ✔️️  

  • Alcohol-free ✔️  

  • Long lasting, up to a full day ️✔️

  • A fraction of the cost of cologne/perfume bottles ✔️

All fragrance oils available are of the highest concentration that is safe to wear on the skin. Some scents will have strong opening notes, while others will be more subtle and are intended to be this way.



A.  Apply the roller ball to pulse points on body including wrist, neck, chest, elbow, and knees. Allow a few minutes for all notes within the scent to fully develop.  To allow maximum projection of the scent, use with unscented or lightly scented body hygiene products.  

B. Pour into an oil warmer, diffuser, or vaporizer to promote the scent in a room.  

C. Use as a fragrance to make candles, wax, soap, and other beauty products.

All bottles should be stored and maintained in a cool, dry location. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, and extreme hot or cold temperatures.